Thursday, 23 July 2015

First-Trimester Bump Progress.

So it is likely that I will find time to head back here periodically and share pregnancy-related news for a while, then perhaps it will become a place to keep in contact with family & friends as our little girls arrives and grows. Not sure how frequently this will happen, although I do hope to try and make it a regular occurrence. I share that sort of as a disclaimer as I don't want writing here to become an interference with living life so if that starts to happen, you will see me here less again. (Although hopefully not with a 6 month+ break like last time)

A couple of people have asked for bump updates, and even though I've irregularly kept track with an app on my phone, I haven't shared many on Facebook for example. (I'm back and forth on the security of the site due to the ever-changing terms and conditions) So for now I think it's fine to share more here in this little space, but I do reserve the right to change my mind :) 

The day I found out. Andrew was actually at work, I had been feeling off all weekend & I had previously taken a test which was negative, but after the 'stomach bug' was lingering on Monday, I opted to take another test in the middle of the day. Not really sure why, well I found my little 'stomach bug.' So I texted Andrew at work to tell him. 

Most of the rest of the first trimester seems like a fog. Morning sickness hit pretty hard around 5-6 weeks, so other than working and then coming home and sleeping I really didn't do much else. It improved some around 11ish weeks but stuck around occasionally until recently (maybe even until 20 weeks). 

So here's the progress, I wasn't super regular with pictures since there really wasn't much to see in the first trimester. I have been a little more regular in the second since you can actually see the change. (sorry for the quality, most of these were my phone) 

(I promise our bed does actually get much as these pictures would suggest otherwise)

That pretty much wraps up the first trimester, at the end we got to head to LA for a sweet friend's wedding which was beautiful!! I was so thankful we were able to go!! :) 

More bump progress coming soon! Much Love! 

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

We've been keeping a secret......It's a......

Sorry I've been so absent. There's been a bunch going on haha!
Hopefully more to come soon.....

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Veil of Secrets By Shannon Ethridge

I hoped when I chose this book, that it would hold some great marriage advice and be a great story about reconciliation for two people ready to divorce one another. Meet Melanie and Will Connors who are struggling in their marriage while involved in an election campaign. I will admit, I really struggled with this story, there were so many main characters that I struggled to connect with any of them. They all seemed to be lacking in any depth. 

It seemed to me as though the author tried to involve too many hot topics in this novel. Politics, marriage problems, counselling, abuse, unplanned pregnancy, family pressure. While I felt that it read easily, I just never found myself understanding several plots in the story. The politics felt hard to follow, although I haven't had much of an interesting in politics ever in my life, so that could have been it. Then there was an element of terrorism from an extremist group that never seemed to be resolved in the story. There were several instances of hacking and shootings, but I don't actually remember how that supposedly ended. 

I really liked what the author set out to do in exploring how the past affects marriage in the present, but felt as though it could have been more focused on that one issue instead of getting too complex overall. Maybe I will have to try one of her other books, as I really did enjoy her style. 

I would recommend it for readers who have an interest in politics perhaps. Maybe with that interest, it would have made more sense and been easier to keep the characters straight. 

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review from BookLookBloggers, however all views expressed are entirely my own thoughts and opinions 

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