Monday, 13 October 2014

Dan & Nina.

I'm sorry for being absent here, we have been busy doing all the last-minute work for our Kenya trip & I have been working on some portrait sessions while the weather is beautiful. Fall is such a great time of year to take portraits, especially if you have Christmas cards in mind. I'm still amazed that I get paid to do this now.....I'm beginning to see a dream come true, one that I've been praying over and chasing for several years now. 
So I thought I would share a couple shots from the weekend.....enjoy!

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Looking back every year.

So far, we have taken a picture every year we have been married. I thought it would be a fun thing to frame in one of those larger multi-picture frames and show the number for every year we have been married and see how we change & how the family someday grows. We don't always do it on our anniversary, but sometime during the summer we try to get someone to take a picture for us.

We end up with some pretty hilarious outtake versions every year. Who knows how hilarious they will be once you throw in future family members right? Like a puppy maybe? 

How do you guys document your anniversaries? Do you do anything similar or are we the only strange ones? 

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Let's All Be Brave By Annie Downs.

I loved the encouragement in this book, it reads very much like a big sister trying to encourage you to live your life the way the Lord wants you to. Encouragement to not stay with comfort when He is calling you to leap out of faith, her stories are full of scripture and truth guiding her decisions. 

There are many stories of her own showing her own personal journey from wanting to stay where she was comfortable and felt safe, moving towards ministry she felt called to. It was a great light read and I finished it very quickly. It really did feel like a coffee date with a friend, mentor or big sister.

It left me feeling encouraged and gave me just what I needed to move forward with some scary decisions in life that I have been holding back on. Its great when the Lord's timing for reading a book is perfect isn't it? 

I would recommend it for a weekend read that will leave you feeling uplifted and encouraged. Urging you to really figure out what the Lord is calling you specifically to do in the here and now to further His kingdom and how you are a part of a much larger complete picture.

What great books have you been reading lately friends? 

Disclaimer: I did receive a copy of this book in exchange for review, however all views expressed are entirely my own thoughts and opinions 

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