Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Third Trimester Bump Progress

Well....I keep thinking I should update this so that I get in the rest of the bump pictures before little girl chooses to make her arrival. So far there's been tons of contractions, some even getting pretty intense and coming every 2-3 mins....only to have everything stop a few hours later. So she's keeping us guessing as to when her birthday is going to be. Till then we are just keeping on with things and trying to keep busy. So who knows....hopefully we will have some exciting news soon. In the meantime, enjoy some third trimester growth updates.

Can't believe my due date is already next week......where did the time go? Well that and I also feel like I've been pregnant forever haha! 
I should probably flip some of these photos so they are all facing the same way! oops! 

Much Love! 

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Monday, 21 September 2015

The Dandelion Field By Kathryn Springer

Well I'm pretty sure even the crickets have stopped chirping in this little space since its been such a long time since I posted anything regularly. However even when in the throws of first trimester pregnancy, I was still reading and reviewing books. I just never got around to posting about them. 
This was one book I read back in the Spring and am finally writing the review for.

I haven't done many reviews on fiction lately, I went through a stretch of several not-so-enjoyable fiction stories and have been drawn to non-fiction a lot lately. However this one was actually a really cute story. I loved the message of redemption weaved throughout the story. The book follows Raine and her mother, Gin. Who have moved around a lot because of Gin's longterm insecurities after a wild past. The reader comes in after they have chosen to settle in a small town for Raine's senior year of high school, and Raine has been in a relationship with a godly young man from the church's youth group who she makes a mistake with and finds herself pregnant. 

Its a great reminder that none of us is ever good enough to earn our own redemption and that even people with the best upbringing and best of intentions can find themselves deep in sin and its consequences. Also a reminder that no matter how far we have strayed from God's ways and His plan for our lives, He is always ready to welcome us if we genuinely return to Him. 

I loved that there was depth to both stories, between Raine and her boyfriend as well as Gin and a local firefighter who gently pursues her and shows her what grace and redemption look like. 

I really enjoyed this story and would recommend it for a wholesome light read with a great reminder of grace. 

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review from BookLookBloggers, however all views expressed are entirely my own thoughts and opinions 

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For the Love By Jen Hatmaker

Having read bits and pieces of Jen's blog, I was exciting about reviewing this particular book. My instagram was definitely filled with various ladies enjoying it & so I was extremely excited when I saw it listed for review. 

This was definitely a fun, easy read. She had me laughing in many places & also ready to try the few receipes she included throughout. I did enjoy seeing the author's heart behind the message she was trying to put across. My biggest complaint with the book however is I didn't really feel that it focused on comparison or fighting for grace at all. A few chapters in it began to feel like a series of essays or blog post entries thrown together into a book. While still very enjoyable and amusing to read, I don't really feel the title was appropriate as this was not the focus of the book. There is also practically no mention of scripture references or discussion of grace in general in the book which felt a little misleading based on the title. 

I would still say it is a fun read and thought the author had a great personality. But perhaps a different title would have been more appropriate for the book?

Have you read any great books lately? 

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review from BookLookBloggers, however all views expressed are entirely my own thoughts and opinions 

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