Friday, 30 September 2011

Annual Anniversary Photo

I've interrupted the week's scheduled posts to share a project which is slightly more personal.
On saturday, A & I finally managed to go apple picking. Having realised when we got there that we had chose a saturday, it was incredibly busy. But it was still super fun. 
I am hoping we get to make this a tradition every year now =) Apple picking late Sept/early Oct every year yay! 

The personal project was inspired by this photo (courtesy of Pinterest):

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

The idea is every year you take a photo on your anniversary showing how many years you have been married. 
I thought this was adorable and shared it with this photo was created while we were apple picking. (Well this was one of many...we decided together we liked this one)

I am looking forward to having a bunch of these all up on a wall at some point. Thought they would be a great way to see changes through the years. I'm also not feeling super strict about it being taken 'on' the anniversary. Just at some point around that time......
What do you guys think?
How do you guys plan to celebrate the years of marriage, whether currently married or would like to be someday? 
Much Love,

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