Thursday, 23 May 2013

A Colorful Life.

Well I'm sorry that I'm not sorry, for being absent. 
Things have been super busy with us moving, although I have been on Instagram still.
Lots of this:

And I am so thankful for the help in moving all our things up three flights and into our new apartment.
And the reason I'm still not present much is we are actually allowed to paint this time. Eeeekk.
So I've been spending my evenings organising, dreaming of paint, planning DIY projects and finally getting to this today:

Shower Curtain: Meijer 
Paint: Hang Ten from Valspar at Lowes

So I will be back, and hopefully with a tour of our cute new home.
But for now, I will probably continue making our place cute.
So thankful for the ability to do so.

I will be instagramming along the way ;)

Much Love!

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Sunday, 12 May 2013

A Wonderful Mommy, A Birthday and A Purpose Project Completed.

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mommy!
I miss her very much as she is the other side of the world and I only see her a few times a year at most. 
She has taught me so much about love, life, faith, patience and relationships.
Walked me through some really tough seasons of life and been there for me to call day and night when I needed someone. 
She's awesome! And I am so thankful I am her daughter.

I apologize for not being around much here. To say life has been crazy is a little understatement.
Its as though life suddenly spun on its axis in the last month and I've been holding on for dear life.
We are moving this next week into our more permanent home (can I hear a unanimous woohoo!) so every spare moment is spent trying to pack our home again ready to move on Saturday. 
But this past Friday I celebrated a fun year with my gorgeous best friend and other half.
Birthday decorations. Free Starbucks. ManiPedi. DIY Magazine.
Dozen red roses. Walk near harbor. Dinner together.
Pretty perfect day. 
So thankful.

But while I'm updating.....

Here's how the Purpose Project 5k run went.

Our awesome team before the race. Not sure why I made a dorky pose haha.

My time for the race was even with my high school record.
So even though I didn't beat it. Thanks to this project I am at least back in shape again!
Which I couldn't be happier about. 
 Oh and just in case you were curious, the uni brow did wash off ;)
Although my hair still has a slight pink tint to it.

Much Love & THANKYOU so much to all my amazing sponsors!


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Friday, 3 May 2013

Grand Total for Purpose Project & Details of the 5K Run.

Happy Friday Friends!!!

I can't believe it's already three days into May. 
April was such a crazy adventure with all the fundraising that went on here for the Mocha Club.
I am so thankful to each and every one of you who donated, tweeted and supported the project through prayer! 

Even though I did not raise the intended amount - we still raised enough to make a difference in the lives of 2 children!!! I am SO thankful! =)
Total raised: $530!!!!
So of course I will still be running my 5K to support these two kids.

The race is scheduled for May 11th and I will continue to instagram updates about my training progress leading up to the big event. 
Then on the day, you can expect more pictures and a final time about whether I beat the 26mins goal or not eeek!! =S  

Thanks again friends for all your help! 
I am hoping to get back into my regular blogging soon. April was a crazy month, I was working two jobs at one point but now am settled into my new one.
So thankful for God's provision.

(Training Sessions)

Hope you guys have had a great month! 
I want to hear your updates.

Much Love!

P.S. Winner of the Earring Giveaway is Chelsea Francis!!! 

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