Monday, 24 June 2013

Recommended Reads. Booksneeze Part 3.

Yes, its another review. This girl has been reading a lot of books in the evenings as it is now officially summer. Woohoo.

At first glance this novel caught my eye, yes yet another judging a book by its cover moment for this girl. I am a romantic at heart and a sucker for fairytales, so even though I had originally planned on reviewing a different book, I couldn't help asking for this one instead. I love the mush, happy endings and ‘aww’ moments found in fairytales, must be the girly girl in me.
So this book (Once Upon A Prince by Rachel Hauck) looked perfect.

This is the story of a typical 20-something girl called Susanna, who finds life completely turned upside down when her boyfriend of 12 years breaks up with her instead of proposing. Enter a chance encounter with a tall dark handsome stranger who fast becomes a good friend to her. All the while she is unaware he is a prince in line to a European throne. 

While being a cute story which didn't disappoint on its 'aww' moments, I couldn't help feeling like it was a retelling of one of my favorite movies, The Prince and Me
So while I enjoyed it, I can't say it is a new favorite.
I feel like I never really connected with any of the characters on a deep level or understood a lot of the political story going on between the two fictitious countries soon to be ruled by the Prince.
I would have loved to have seen more depth in the faith of the main characters  There were times when I felt scripture or a short prayer had been added almost as an afterthought. 

All that to say, I would recommend it as a fun, clean, light romantic read. It is a cute fictitious story inspired by England's royal family.

What have you guys been reading lately?
I need some recommendations :)

Much Love,

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Friday, 21 June 2013

Those Slower Moments.

I have been making a habit lately to enjoy the little moments in my day.
I just finished work for the day, our home is peaceful and quiet with no sounds or distractions.
My parents are sleeping the other side of the world a mere few hours away from boarding a plane to come see us. Then quiet will have to be sought out, and that's ok.

The more I sit and just listen, the more I appreciate these moments.
While working I get the privilege of watching two precious little girls who continually teach me things.
And I am learning to appreciate the little moments with them in their curiosity.
Like figuring out why things work the way they work, or just why in general as it is the current favorite question.
And appreciating the snuggle moments with a baby who is definitely a toddler now and growing so fast. 
I'm learning to be thankful when she lets me hold her and give her a bottle. 
Admiring her precious little fingers and toes and kissing her sweet cheeks. 
Even on those days which are 'teething days' and seem hard, she just wants me to hold her.
And I'm really trying to love those days too, because there will be a day when she won't let me hold her anymore. 

So I am learning to appreciate the here and now.
Those little moments, the fleeting parts of the mundane days.
The parts that make up almost everyday and seeing beauty in those moments.

Much Love,

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Niagara Falls.

Our summers have always been crazy, ever since we got married.
That's what happens when both your families live overseas and visit for a month at a time.
This is the week before families arrive and we are super excited to see everyone.
But realise that it will probably be really busy while everyone is in town.

So we took a little trip a couple weeks ago for some quality time together.
That super hot hubby of mine is pretty amazing in general, but also at finding sweet deals.
He was super sweet with this one as he knew I had wanted to go to Niagara Falls for a couple of years now. But for various reasons this trip had never happened.
So he found a groupon deal and we headed out after work one Friday to spend the night in Ontario.

We had such a great time, enjoying each others company and God's beautiful creation!
And well....that was a lot of water.
So I thought I would share some of our photos from our trip.

What's on your bucket list this summer, friends?

Much Love!

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Recommended Reads. Booksneeze Part 2.

I would apologize for my lack of posting, but I won't as I have been just enjoying being present in real life and enjoying our new home, marriage, friends. So I will be in and out and thought I would share a recent good read today.

I have been really looking for some encouraging fiction lately. After moving and changing jobs, I found the dust settled and the long summer evenings have been perfect for kicking up feet in our gorgeous living room and picking up a good read. So after completing my last review for Booksneeze, I browsed through the available titles and The House that Love Built by Beth Wiseman immediately caught my eye.

I know they say 'never judge a book by its cover' but I'll be honest, I totally do. And this particular cover looked cute, plus I loved the dress on the front. This was also the first time I have ever read a book on my phone as it was only available for download. There were definitely times I wished I could physically hold the pages and see it lying on our coffee table enticing me to find out how the story ended.
(I guess I'm old school in the love of actual books) 

I loved the main characters, Brooke and Owen. I immediately found them easy to relate to as a reader. I particularly enjoyed how the author wrote from different perspectives throughout so you could hear the thoughts of each person. It was a realistic romance between two people who would not have naturally found themselves together without God's intervention. A story that made me wish there was a sequel so you can see where the Lord takes them next. 

I really enjoyed it as a light relaxing evening read. No thought required but I still came away encouraged in my own life after picking it up. I would recommend it to others looking for an encouraging story in how the Lord can restore lives, particularly those who experience loss and second marriages which are honoring to the Lord. 

I would not recommend it to single girls struggling with romance novels. Regardless of the good content and encouragement it is a romance.Waiting is a challenging but rewarding time in life and I wouldn't want to cause discontentment in such a season as a result of recommending this cute story.

Hope to be back around more soon friends.

Much Love,

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