Thursday, 6 February 2014

//Closet Sale//

Do you ever find that your closet is full of great items, but you just don't wear them anymore. There is nothing wrong with them, they just for whatever reason have sat there while you overlook them time and time again when getting dressed in the morning.

Well I decided to go ahead and sell several of these items this week on Instagram.

They will be available until Midnight Friday night, then I will be taking them as they will be heading elsewhere on Saturday night. 

So I'm giving you guys first picks on what you would like before then.  

Head over to my Closet Instagram account @GloriouslyDressed

You could even try making me an offer, I'm pretty flexible! :) 
I'm hoping these items will just head to a home where they will be worn, all are clean, washed & from a smoke-free home.

Much Love & Happy Shopping!

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