Monday, 3 February 2014

Stitch Fix #3

Item 1: Purple 41 Hawthorn Dolman Jersey Top

Well, its hit that time of year again. The whimsical magical Christmas season has passed and we are in the thick of the snow, ice and polar vortex craziness here in the Midwest. Its been cold you guys, cold. So if you are in warmer places, like Florida or California, I am totally jealous of you right now.

But in order to embrace winter (or at least try), I decided to order a little bundle of clothing (otherwise known as a fix) from Stitch Fix. In the past it has been super fun to use it as an excuse to hang out with the hubby while he takes pictures (and I freeze to death!). We had a blast last winter here & this past summer here. He's getting pretty good at taking pictures for me you guys! 

So anyway, as requested from the sneek peek I posted on are the pictures of the five items sent to me by my lovely stylist. Take a guess at which ones I kept ;) I will reveal in the comments in a few days :)

Item 2: Mystree Skylar Asymmetrical Knit Zip Up Jacket

Item 3: Mystree Tancy Stripe & Colorblock Cotton Cardigan

Then we decided to move inside to take the remaining 2 outfit pictures, as it was pretty insanely cold outside to be taking pictures. Although I do love the snow falling & in the background :) 

Item 4: Margaret Ariel Trousers

Item 5 was: Just Black Adora Skinny Jean (These are actually not the same pair of pants, these are a pair I own in the same color as the ones I got didn't fit)  

Well, I was pretty happy with the fun that this little box brought me & my hubby. We had a blast putting together outfits and taking pictures again. And since I had some Christmas money to spend, it was fun picking out some things to keep too. I really love Stitch Fix every once in a while as they totally send me things I wouldn't normally even try on. And almost everytime when I try things on, I end up keeping something totally different than I thought I would as some things end up looking so different than I thought they would.

You totally should look into it anyway.....It's winter & it's something fun to do :) 

Much Love! 

Disclaimer: All opinions of products are my own, the referral link however does grant me $25 in credit for every referral made. 

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  1. Did you keep 1-3? Great photos.