Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ways to Have Fun in the Winter.

I'm trying to stay positive in the midst of this whole freezing cold, record breaking temperatures season. So I thought I would share some ways we've been enjoying the cold weather.

1// Bundle up and head outside for a winter walk. You will be really glad you did, its beautiful and quiet walking in the snow. If you're feeling really brave, you can even head outside and take some pictures as the snow looks stunning as a backdrop!! 

2// Curl up inside with your hubby/sister/friend with some hot cocoa and enjoy a movie you haven't seen for a while. I've recently pulled out Father of the Bride, Sisterhood of the Travelling pants and thinking about Anne of Green Gables next. That movie collection has just sat there all through the summer months, time to watch some favorites.

3// Time to complete those craft projects you put on hold. I always find I am most creative in the winter. Anyone else? All those things I bought on sale or set aside around Christmas-time to finish someday, I pull them out around this time of year. Stops me from feeling bored and I start to enjoy being buried in craft supplies for a few hours. I'm heading out shortly to make pompoms and finish a bunting :) 

4//Try out some new receipes. We have been trying soups this winter, especially ones you can make in the crockpot. This girl isn't a huge fan of cooking and usually will make about 3-4 meals on one day of the week so we can just pull them out and eat during the rest of the week. 

5//Catch up on some reading. Pull out those books you set aside in the summer to head out and soak up the sun. These winter evenings are perfect for a cozy blanket, a book and a warm fireplace (for those of us in apartments, we can imagine it!). 

So I want to hear friends, what do you do in the Winter to have fun??? 

Much Love! 

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