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Hey Friends!
If you are looking for All Glorious Within, you are in the right place.
I was sad to say goodbye to the name this space had claimed for the past few years, but excited to rebrand to something more personal for me.

When I was sixteen, I began to fall deeply in love with Jesus.
His love for me began to truly make sense. As I entered college and a new season of life, 
my relationship with Him deepened further.
His word became alive to me in a way it hadn't before, 
and I saw just how much He truly loves each of us.
How much He loved me.

The closest we will ever come to even partially understanding the depth of that love is a marriage relationship.
Reading through Song of Solomon in scripture, I truly believe it is about a marriage relationship, yet I also think it is a glimpse of the Father's love for us at the same time. Obviously not literally but it is the beginning for me of an understanding of it. 

All that to say, the one verse which jumped out at me in college and one that I held onto for several years was:

'Like a lily among thorns
    is my darling among the young women.'
{Song of Solomon 2:2 NIV}

So I want to move forward holding onto this verse of scripture that has held personal meaning to me for many years.
I want to cling to His love for us, Seeking His word for truth & trying to live a life sold out for Him. Understanding that my identity and worth come from Him alone, not from the applause of this world. 

I hope as I share things He teaches me, things I mess up & try to work through, that you are encouraged in your own walk with Christ. 
That this space really makes a lot about Him and Less about me.
That it encourages you to really fall in love with Jesus.

I often don't feel qualified to write half of the things He places on my heart.
So please read them as a partner encouraging you alongside in your journey.
As a girl who is a mess and doesn't have everything figured out.

I would LOVE to hear from you. To hear about any questions, struggles or ways I can pray for you.


Little bit about the girl:
>>I am an ordinary girl in love with my heavenly prince, my first love.
>>I am enjoying my 4th year of marriage to my childhood best friend & hero.
>>We saved our first kiss for our Wedding Day. Read about that HERE.
>>I am British by birth, Midwestern by culture.
>>I am working on becoming a photographer, deciding this year to chase that dream. 
>>I love making things, you can find the products of my creative bursts of energy on Storenvy

You can find more about why I blog HERE.

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